An Interview With Bruce Macabee

Bruce Macabee has made his bones since 1969 in analyzing UFO photographic evidence. The photographs taken in Gulf Breeze, Florida of an unidentified craft were analyzed and certified by him.

1. What sparked your interest in the UFO phenomenon? Did you have anexperience that began your journey?

No experience. However, it seemed interesting and after reading a few books I found it difficult to “believe”(accept as fact) the idea that so many witnesses could be lying,hallucinating or just plain wrong.

2. How long have you been involved with researching/experiencing the UFOphenomenon?

Since about 1969

3. What part of the UFO phenomenon most intrigues you? And why? Is this the area in which you specialize?

All of it, including sighting investigation and analysis and history.

4. Do you have a case or experience that is close to your heart? Please tell us about it.

Th New Zealand case (Dec. 31, 1978) which I investigated, is still, afterall these years, the only sighting case to be discussed and argued over in the refereed science literature (Applied Optics). See for more information.

5. Where has your research of the phenomenon led you geographically? Is there a particular location in the world that interests you?

I’ve been to conferences in many countries and have investigated cases in several, but there is no particular location.

6. What theories has your research led to? Are there any conclusions you can draw from your experiences?

Whatever is going on, it is real.

7. What protocol or procedures do you following when conducting an investigation?

Get a complete history of the sighting. Consider all applicable explanations and use analysis and the facts drawn from the history to decide whether or not there is a reasonable explanation. Remember that conventional explanations must obey conventional physics. And don’t try to explain one unknown with another unknown.

8. Is there a book (outside of any you may have written) on the UFO subject that you would most recommend to those just getting into the subject?

Read J. Allen Hynek’s “The UFO Experience.” For a real overview of everything read “Abduction In My Life”. It is a novel with a fact book built inside. It is a new form of literature called “faction.” The reader is presented with clearly documented UFO information that is built into the story.

9. What advice would you offer to anyone interested in becoming a UFOinvestigator?

Read several books first. Read books by Ruppelt, Hynek, Jacobs, Hopkins, Friedman, Mack and read about science in general. An investigator should have a background in science, forensics, UFO history, etc…. imagine being the CSI of Ufology.

10. Please tell us about your latest book?

I mentioned it above. Read reviews of “Abduction in My Life” at out of 5 stars….not bad for a first novel)

11. What single message would you want to convey about the UFO phenomenon?

Whatever it is, it is real…with implications that extend far beyond UFO sighting investigation.Sometimes…often…I wish they would go away because they introduce another uncertainty into civilzation, which is uncertain enough already!

Bruce was kind enough to forward along another question and answer session he had with Brazil magazine in August 2007. I include it here because it includes much information on the famed Gulf Breeze UFO Events.

1- Independently of explanations, or causes discovery, do you consider UFO phenomenon already proved?


2- In your opinion, what is the witnesses’ value in UFO phenomenon evaluation?

Obviously witnesses are very important in the evaluation of UFO phenomena

3- It can be possible that UFO phenomenon could be an individual’s behavior symptoms’ set of psychological and organic order creating a myth as if it was an external and material occurrence. What do you think about it?

This hypothesis may apply to some single witness cases. It does not apply to cases involving multiple witnesses ofclose-up sightings (object has an angular size greater than 0.1 degree) (e.g., the O’Hare Airport sighting of November, 2006) or to multiplewitnesscases that are supported by physical effects (e.g., New Zealand, Dec. 1978that involved 8 witnesses, tape recordings made at the time of the events,ground and airborne radar and color movie film).

4- In your opinion, what is the minimum formation that a UFO researcher must have to be able to do an exempt UFO phenomenon analysis? 

In order to research a UFO sighting a researcher must understand the basic science that happens to be involved in the particular case. For example,to studya sighting of lights in the sky at night the researcher should be familiarwith somebasic astronomy. IF the sighting involves radar the researcher should knowsomething about radar. If it involves photos, film or videos theresearchershould know at least the basics of photography and should be aware of photographic “errors” that can occur (such as lens flares, blurring due tohigh speed motion, etc.) Any particular case may involve phenomenaassociatedwith one or more fields of scientific study. The researcher should also beexperienced with interviewing witnesses and should know how to compilea history of the sighting for later study by other investigatores.   

5- Do you believe that the facts that occurred in Gulf Breeze are the best American UFO registers at the present time? What is your point of view about these occurrences today? 

Gulf Breeze involved sightings by dozens, perhaps hundreds of people besides Ed Walters, who took many (but not all) of the pictures associated withthosesightings. It is my opinion that those sightings by Ed and others were ofreal”TRue UFOs” (TRUFOs) However, there certainly are sighting events fromother parts of North America that are as important as the sightings inGulfBreeze.  

6- During three years you’ve been on the front of some interviews with Mrs. Trent, the UFO story protagonist of the “COUPLE TRENT” case in 1950. After many dialogues it was informed for you about the existence of another witness about UFO occurrences in that region by a resident lady farmer some miles away from Trent’s property in Oregon. Have you been searching more information about this case with other witnesses? What do you think about this case today? Are the pictures really genuine?

There was no luck in locating another lady who may have seen the same thingas seen by Mrs. Trent. (There are numerous witnesses to other sightingsin the same general area of Oregon.) No one has produced convincingevidencethat the Trents hoaxed the sighting. Instead all the evidence pointstoward theconclusion that hoaxing a UFO sighitng would not have occurred to them, norwouldthey have been intelligent enough to create a believable story and stick toitfor the next 45 years of their lives.In my opinion the Trents photographeda TRUFO (an Alien Flying Craft, or AFC).   

7- During your career in the US Navy, was there any great relevance facts or registers about UFO incidences? Why did you get involved with ufology? 

My Navy work has had nothing to do with UFOs. I got involved in ufology back in the 1960’s because it seemed to be an interesting subject. UFOs were discussed widely in 1965-1969. I joined a UFO investigating group (NICAP) in 1968 while I was a graduatestudent in physics at The American University in Washington, DC.Because I joined NICAP I was able to learn from experiencedinvestigators of UFO phenomena.  

8- Do you believe in abduction’s cases? Why yes or no?

In my opinion there have been abductions. I base my opinion on sightingsreported and investigated over the years by Budd Hopkins and others.The Betty and Barney Hill case is the subject of a new book written byBetty Hill’s neice. It provides a convincing account of thisvery important abduction case. 

9- Do you believe that USA will open soon all its UFO files and register to U.S. population like France did? Why?

The US government has been releasing files since 1975 when the Blue Book file was made available on microfilm at the National Archives. In 1977 I managed to obtain the FBI file. In December 1978 the CIA released many documents.IN the years since the NSA and other organizations including the Air ForceIntelligence have released hundreds of pages of documents. However, only acouple of formerly Top Secret documents have been released. I doubt thatthe US government will release any Top Secret UFO documents unless thereis pressure from Congress or the President, which is not likely to happen.  

10- In the Video captured in  Gulf Breeze, Florida (U.S.A.) by Ed Walters, we see clearly an object of approximately thirty feet of diameter in full flight. We had the Information that you appreciated the video, declaring that it has possibilities of being true. What is your opinion about this video today? What makes you believe that this video can be true? What have you been observing and studying in this video that make you think that way?

I’m not sure which video you mean since Ed took several. Ed’s clearest video of a UFO was taken during the morning of July 21, 1995. In this video an object appeared in the field of view of the camera moving left to right, stopped its motion and reversed direction, leaving the field of view traveling to the left. The estimated speed entering and leaving the field of view was about 500 mph. The video was important because the object made a shadow on trees that were across the Santa Rosa. Combining the direction to the shadow with the known directions to the sun and to the UFO allowed for a triangulation. The object was about 27 ft wide and 13 ft high.

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