An Interview With Stanton Friedman

Stanton Friedman is often the first name that comes to mind when it comes to modern UFO investigation. He is at the forefront of many of the most prominent UFO cases, including being among the first to break the Roswell UFO case. He has appeared in a multitude of television programs on the subject lending his expertise. His work as a government physicist lends well to his scientific approach to the UFO question.

1. What sparked  your interest in the UFO phenomenon? Did you have an experience that began your journey?

I ordered Edward Ruppelt’s Book “The Report on UFOs” marked down from 2.95 to 1.00 to save shipping costs on a batch of books I ordered from a discount place in New York in 1958.He had been head of project Blue Book in the early 1950s. The USAF was co-sponsor of the General Electric Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program where in 1958 we were spending 100 Million dollars and employed 3500 people full time of whom 1100 were engineers and scientists. I was a 24 year old nuclear physicist on the program. The book intrigued me and I read 15 more some of which were trash. Then finally I found a privately published version of Blue Book Special Report 14 at the U. of Calif. Berkeley Library. It was chock full of data but was lied about by the secretary of the Air Force as noted in the Article “Government UFO Lies” on my website at .

I have never seen a UFO or an alien. But then I have never seen a neutron or a gamma ray and I chased them for 14 years while working on various advanced nuclear and space systems. They are real, too. I have never seen Tokyo either. It is certainly real.

2. How long have you been involved with researching/experiencing the UFO phenomenon?

Ever since 1958 so 49 years

3. What part of the UFO phenomenon most intrigues you? And why? Is this the area in which you specialize?

I am, because of my professional background interested in the technology end.. how does one get here from a star in  our local neighborhood?. how does one move like that in our atmosphere??etc. Because I worked on classified advanced Research and Development programs for 14years and have written many classified documents and visited 20 document archives, I know a lot about how security works so the Cosmic Watergate aspects intrigue me. Because I have answered more than 40,000 questions after my more than 700 lectures and hundreds of media broadcasts, I am also intrigued by the UFO “Why” Questions.

4. Do you have a case or experience that is close to your heart? Please tell us about it.

I am far more concerned with the forest than the trees. However, because I began the civilian investigation of the Roswell Incident back in the 1970s, I am especially interested in that case. Because I had met Betty and Barney Hill back in 1968 and Betty many times since,  and was the first to publish about Marjorie Fish’s very important star map work (Back about 1972), the Hill case has certainly intrigued me

5. Where has your research of the phenomenon led you geographically? Is there a particular location in the world that interests you?

I have lectured at more than 600 colleges and over 100 professional groups in all 50 states, 9 Canadian provinces and in 16 other countries including China, Korea, Australia, Turkey , Israel, Finland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Scotland, England, Ireland, Holland, Italy, Germany, France . As I said I have visited 20 archives in my pursuit of truth about the Majestic 12 documents and other aspects of Ufology

6. What theories has your research led to? Are there any conclusions you can draw from your experiences?

I worry far more about facts than theories, though I have written such papers as “Flying Saucers and Physics” and “Star Travel? YES!”.

I have had no UFO experience . My 49 years of research have led me to 4 major conclusions:

-1. The evidence is overwhelming that Earth is being visited by intellligently controlled ET spacecraft. In other words SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft. Most are not.. just as most isotopes are not fissionable and most people aren’t 7feet tall.

-2. The subject of flying saucers represents a kind of Cosmic Watergate . This means some few people in government have known since at least 1947 when at least 2 crashed flying saucers were recovered with bodies, that indeed SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft

-3.There are no good arguments against the first 2 by the noisy negativists, only people who haven’t studied the relevant data.

-4. Visits to Earth by alien spacecraft and the successful coverup of the best data.. bodies and wreckage for 60 years, are together biggest story of the millennium.

7. What protocol or procedures do you following when conducting an investigation?

Stories start in my “gray basket”. I try to verify statements made by witnesses, check background etc. In a physical trace case, I try to get soil tests done such as for Delphos , Kansas. Have a fine photoanalyst such as Dr. Bruce Maccabee evaluate photographs. Talked to Dr. George Mitchell of Ohio State University Astronomy Department about the accuracy of Marjori Fish’s star map work ( see my video “UFOs ARE Real”).

8. Is there a book (outside of any you may have written) on the UFO subject that you would most recommend to those just getting into the subject?

At the beginning of my illustrated “Flying Saucers ARE Real!” lecture I review 5 large scale scientific studies:

-1. “Project Blue Book Special Report 14” with data on 3201 cases, more than 240 Charts, Tables, graphs and maps.21.5% could not be explained separate from the 9.5% for which there was insufficient information.. chock full of data

-2. “The UFO Evidence” by Richard Hall .. data on 746 UNKNOWNS of 4500 cases investigated for NICAP. 2nd edition 30 years later

-3. The Congressional Hearings of July 29, 1968 with testimony by 12 scientists including myself and with Dr. James E. McDonald’s study of 41 outstanding cases.

-4. The Condon Report in which 30% of the 17 cases studied in Detail could not be identified.

-5. “The UFO Experience” by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Project Blue Book scientific consultant for 20 years.

There are fine books about abductiuons by Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs. There is a 10 page bibliography in my book “TOP SECRET/MAJIC” including 10 PhD theses.

9. What advice would you offer to anyone interested in becoming a UFO investigator?

Join MUFON and study and take the Investigator test.. see  MUFON receives over 200 sighting reports per month.

10. Please tell us about Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience?

Captured, by myself and Kathleen Marden, Betty’s niece and executrix of her estate, greatly updates the work reported in John Fuller’s book “The Interrupted Journey” and includes much never before published information. Kathy transcribed all the hypnosis tapes and did a comparative analysis clearly proving that Barney was not echoing Betty’s dreams . Many details of Betty’s life after Barney’s death, her UFO investigations, etc are provided for the first time. We deal with the star map, the attacks on it and the abduction phenomena by noisey negativists

11. How did you get involved with the Betty and Barney Hill Case?

I had dinner with Betty and Barney in 1968 in Pittsburgh 3 months before Barney’s death. I was asked by Coral Lorenzen of APRO if I could help Marjorie Fish with her star map work, was the first to publish an article about it, and instigated Terence Dickinson’s outstanding ASTRONOMY Magazine article about it, and helped Marjorie present her story to Dr. J. Allen Hynek at Adler Planetarium. I have talked about the case in almost all my lectures, and interviewed Betty and Marjorie and Dr. Mitchell of OSU Astronomy Department for my movie “UFOs ARE Real”. I was a consultant to Universal Studios on the TV movie “The UFO Incident” starring James Earl Jones as Barney . Betty and I appeared together on the Tom Snyder “Tomorrow Show” just before the movie was broadcast.We did several other shows together including with David Susskind in New York.I have visited her home.

12. What are your overall conclusions on the case?

I am totally convinced that Betty and Barney were abducted by aliens in NH in September 1961, that the story pried out of them by Dr. Ben Simon,   using well developed very special hypnosis techniques, accurately depicts their experience as related in “Captured!”. Furthermore I am convinced that the star map establishes that the base stars were Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli in the constellation Reticulum, and the closest to each other pair of sunlike stars in our local neighborhood. They are only 39.2 light years from the sun and only 1/8 of a light year apart from each other and a billion years older than the sun.

13. What single message would you want to convey about the UFO phenomenon?

It is the biggest story of the millenium and it is time to lift the Laughter Curtain so we can all apreciate that we all have something in common: we are all Earthlings. To our visitors we must appear to be a primitive society whose major activity, unfortunately, is tribal warfare .It is time to grow up.

Scott Fowler is the online editor of and the founder of Beltsville Ghosts as well as a MUFON Field Investigator and President of Baltimore/Washington Paranormal Investigators.

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