Baseball Size Object

Witness: Pam
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Date of Sighting: 1965

I was about 11 years old, and visiting my grandparents in Atlanta for the summer. For several days, while playing in the backyard, I found myself constantly looking behind me with a strong feeling I was being watched. I would look at the house anticipating it to be my grandmother at the window watching me. It was always a very strong feeling whenever playing in the yard.

One day, I kicked my ball and it went alongside the house where the fence ran. As I turned the corner and bent down to pick up my ball, something caught the corner of my eye as it whizzed past me. Not really making any audible sound or anything, I could ever describe. It went past the fence and overshot me. Even as a young girl, I could tell it had been watching me. It was almost like it knew it had been seen so it came out from the bush and cautiously approached me. It was about the size of a baseball and metal, but not. It did not glow and there were no openings I could see.

It hovered above me about 6 feet off the ground. We just starred at each other. I felt motionless but not scared. It was gold-like in color but not like any color I could compare it to. Then from a perfect stop, it shot off like 60 MPH. I climbed the fence and watched it. It made a right turn, headed straight, then almost to a stop and shot upward at a 90 degree angle straight into the sky.

I have thought of this for many years. What did I see?

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