Father’s Day Weekend UFO

Witness: Suzanne
Location: Randsburg area, California
Date of Sighting: June 16, 2007

What started out as a fun Father’s Day weekend, became a very strange adventure for my family and a close friend.

We had been dirt biking and dune buggy riding in the southern California desert area between Cal City and Randsbur, when my buggy started acting weird.

Engine trouble?

We tried to turn around and glide downhill to the camp area south of the little mining town of Randsburg and we became stuck in the sand. We left the boys at the dune buggy and rode double on dirt bike back to camp in Cal City.

We were talking to our son and his friend on the walkie-talkies and they thought they had seen a large animal, possibly a cougar, in the area. We felt that was very strange for that spot. They said they felt like it was watching them. They could blow the dune buggy horn to scare it.

Now about the UFO! We returned to get the buggy and found that we would need a tow truck, so we picked up the boys and went into Ransburg. We had to wait until nearly nightfall to get a tow, and as we sat in the moonless night we watched shooting stars and satellites pass by high in the sky.

All of a sudden, up against the hills of Randsburg, we spotted a bright bluish light shooting from one side of the area to the other, then going straight up and zig-zagging. There is no jet or remote control toy that could move that fast.

My husband, being logical, tried to spot it with a fixed object to see if it could be an optical illusion or cars on a road. This things was moving!

We watched it for a good five minutes and it seemed to be sticking around the area and then just as suddenly it was gone.

We ride in this area a lot and have never seen anything like it. We were glad to finally get out of there.

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