About UFOvillage

UFOvillage.com’s mission is to openly discuss the topic of UFOs, alien encounters, and the question of other life in the universe. We welcome researchers, those who believe they’ve had a UFO encounter, and folks simply interested in the subject to join our global discussion. We welcome all viewpoints, from the spiritual to the skeptical. Though we may not agree with all of the ideas posted on the site, we do want to represent all ideas.

UFOvillage.com was launched in the summer of 2007 — just about 60 years to-the-date after the Roswell incident. The site was founded by author Jeff Belanger. Belanger founded the Web site Ghostvillage.com in October of 1999 and that site has since grown to become the most popular destination for ghosts and the supernatural on the Internet according to Google. UFOvillage.com is a response to the many inquiries received over the years seeking a true UFO online magazine and community portal like Ghostvillage. Belanger will bring the same open and objective approach to the subject of UFOs and will work to build an editorial team that will deliver top-notch content on a global scale.

UFOvillage.com’s publisher, Jeff Belanger, has been a guest on hundreds of radio and television shows covering the topic of the paranormal. He’s also the other of over a dozen books on the unexplained. He’s served on the editorial boards of multiple newspapers, magazines, and Web sites.