Five Bright White Lights

Witness: Mark
Location: Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date of Sighting: Summer 1991

It’s been many years now, but I can recall what I saw as if it happened yesterday. I was never really interested in UFOs, and didn’t consider reporting my sighting at the time.

I was at my parents’ home in rural Nova Scotia, about 2 miles east of the small town of Wolfville. It was a clear summer afternoon. I was 31 years old, quite sane and sober, about to start my university education (I now have a master’s degree). Glancing out the big rec room window, which I frequently did to look for the bald eagles that perched in the distant trees, I saw bright lights in the sky. They didn’t move at all, there was nothing between them but blue sky, and they were definitely not attached to any airplane.

There were 5 bright white lights, all in a row and equidistant. If you hold out your arm and spread your hand as wide as you can, that’ll give you the approximate size of what I saw in the clear blue sky, about 35 degrees up. There was no sound and no movement(so I can’t say I saw any flying object), but whatever it was, it stayed long enough for me to stare and make sure I wasn’t seeing a reflection or illusion of some kind, and call to my parents and younger brother, “Hey, come and look at this! There are some weird lights in the sky…” etc. They were slow to respond, but I looked for the video camera and brought it to the window. Before I could turn it on, while I was looking at the lights they just vanished, as if someone flicked a switch. No movement, just gone. Nothing there but blue sky again. And that’s when my brother arrived at the window and the teasing began.

But my stepfather, who lived on that farm his entire life, later told me that he had seen “strange things like that” before, but didn’t tell people lest they’d think he was crazy.

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