Flight of a Phoenix?

Witness: Kruzy
Location: Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: Summer of 1997

My father and I, a few years back, were out in the back yard. It was dark, around ten or so at night and it was summertime. I happened to look up and witnessed what looked to be a bird. But what made this weird is the fact that it looked to be on fire, and I would bet my life on it that it actually was. It was maybe just a hundred feet up, and flew toward the west — straight over our house. You could see the flames and fire on this creature. As its wings flapped, you could tell it was a bird. The thing that came into my head, and is still there… does the legend of a bird such as a Phoenix have a chance of existing? Or is there some strange life form it could’ve been?  Either way it was definitely a bird of some sort, and it was on fire. It made no nose of being in trouble or anything, it just flew normally over us and kept going.

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