Flying Triangle Sighting

Witness: T.L.
Location: Fulton, Arkansas
Date of Sighting: November 11, 2000

Hello, I am a former military officer and have two college degrees. I am also a Emergency Room Nurse and have seen many things in my life.

On this night, my wife and I were driving from our home 45 miles away to my deer camp that was out in the middle of nowhere, southwest Arkansas. It was a cold, clear night and we could see the local small airport beacon off to our east as we came around a curve turning north into a straight stretch of highway.

Although we were in the “country” there were several houses and chicken houses located in this immediate area. I was riding in the front passenger seat and my wife was driving when I noticed three bright lights just above some large oak trees about 100 feet off the road to our east as we headed north. They were moving very slow, and was making a banking maneuver like a plane in trouble that was going to land on the road.

I had my wife pull over and start backing up as to let it land if the plane was in trouble. After backing up and stopping, I then got out of the car to watch and see if the plane was going to crash since it was about 150 feet about two houses just off the road. Now as the object banked to the south and started our way, I noticed the lights were in a triangular formation, the object made no sounds at all, and was very large.

Although it was nighttime, the object appeared to be the size or bigger than a space shuttle for comparison. The moon was out and the object appeared to be a solid black triangle flying very very slowly. I had my wife flash the lights at the “plane/object” to show them the road to land on if needed. All of a sudden the object came to a hover over the road and immediately banked to the north/northwest and within seconds shot out of sight.

All this time, I heard no engine noise, nor did we see a strobe light of any type on this UFO. I have seen many different fighters and jets in my military career (ARMY) and to this date I cannot think of one that can fly below stall speed, have no kind of engine noise or exhaust, accelerate from a hover and disappear within seconds into the brightly lit night sky. I cannot tell you what the object was, but I can sure tell you that it was not a plane, helicopter, or jet that is known to the public at this time.

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