Nightly Encounters

Witness: Cindy Mathews
Location: Overland Park, Kansas
Date of Sighting: January 10, 2008

On January 8, 2008, my son and I lost one and a half hours of time. We ended up on a different town and highway. We see UFOs every night still. The red blinkers (our name for them) ones. My son and I can see the crafts themselves. One went over my house about two weeks ago. It was huge!

I have so many pictures of five different crafts. I have written to so many people, but no one seems at all interested. I want to share all the information that I have with someone. I have contacted MUFON, they took some of my pictures, but I haven’t heard anything back from them in a long time. Like I said, we can tell anyone where they are in the sky. The shape of the saucers, the color, and how many there are. I am followed by them everywhere I go. Am I chipped? I go out every night and watch them, we really have a light show. More things are showing up. Like the big white orb — it’s a white, perfect globe. We watched it move across the sky. Will someone out there help me?

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