Numerous Strange Incidents Reported From Across Pennsylvania During 2007

UFO & Bigfoot Encounters Among Anomalies Reported From 37 Counties

Pennsylvania continued to be active with strange incidents during 2007, as residents from 37 counties in the Commonwealth reported mysterious events. Among the oddities reported were UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, strange animal sightings, and odd sounds and footprints.

It is now approaching 49 years, since I first began my research into these ongoing mysteries at age 10. It was during the 1960’s when I began to conduct on scene investigations of UFO sightings and other strange events reported by the public. I started to take phone calls from the public in 1969 concerning these incidents, and since then I have been involved with the investigation of thousands of mysterious encounters from throughout the Keystone State. Today, I still take calls from the public, and continue to document and investigate current reports of such activity. While my research has always focused on Pennsylvania, on occasion, I receive reports of anomalies from neighboring states as well.

It was in 1970 that I founded the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group. The WCUFOSG was the first of three volunteer research groups which I directed, that investigated UFO incidents and other strange encounters in Pennsylvania for many years. I continue to receive reports of current activity through my UFO Hotline number at 724-838-7768, as well as via e-mail at: . I also maintain contact with many other researchers and organizations in Pennsylvania, and throughout the country, and the world. The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in Davenport, Washington, also receives many UFO reports from Pennsylvania. For information on Pennsylvania phenomena, visit my web site at:

When I began to investigate these cases so many years ago, it became evident that when theseĀ  odd incidents are properly investigated, most are determined to be natural or man-made in origin. There are strange incidents reported each year however, which can’t be easily explained away.

I have also been investigating the circumstances surrounding the December 9, 1965, UFO crash incident near Kecksburg since it occurred. I was 16 years old when that incident took place, and today I am still uncovering new information about that event.

While the news media was covering some nationwide UFO events during 2007, many UFO incidents were reported throughout the year here in Pennsylvania. On January 3rd, three people traveling on a rural road outside of Youngwood in Westmoreland County, observed a large glowing diamond shaped object with a hump at the top and bottom. The silent object which appeared low in the sky, was photographed with a cell phone camera just before it suddenly vanished from sight. (see the photo at:

UFO sightings continued to be reported during 2007 from many areas across the state, including many from Westmoreland County. Observers claim to have seen spherical, triangular, diamond, rectangular, and disc shaped objects, as well as formations of odd lights in the sky. In March, several UFO sightings were reported around Jeannette, where a bright cylindrical shaped light was observed in daylight accelerating straight up into the sky. Other people reported a cluster of lights maneuvering in the sky.

In October, there were several UFO sightings reported in the Greensburg area and other points in Westmoreland County. Early in the month, one sighting involved a round green object spinning in the sky like a top, then taking off at a high rate of speed. About that same time period, another Greensburg observer reported seeing a brilliant white round light moving rapidly across the sky. Suddenly that spherical light separated into two bright round lights which rapidly vanished. Near New Alexandria, two bright round lights hovered at tree top level for a short time, then suddenly shot across the sky in succession.

On December 12th, separate witnesses in Lancaster and Lebanon counties observed something strange in the daylight sky. Observer’s accounts described a series of multiple lights equally spaced in a row. Some people indicated that the lights formed a V formation. The lights would at times suddenly vanish from sight and then suddenly reappear. The lights were relatively low in the sky, and moving slowly. At one point the lights vanished, and were never seen again.


Bigfoot Activity

There exists a long history of reported encounters with large hair covered, generally man-like creatures from all across the Keystone State. One of the most active areas for recurring Bigfoot reports is along the Chestnut Ridge, which runs from Preston County, W.Va. through Westmoreland, Fayette, and Indiana counties in Pennsylvania. Residents living along the Westmoreland County areas of the ridge, specially around Derry Township, continue to be report strange incidents yearly.

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (PBS) received a number of alleged statewide Bigfoot sighting reports during 2007. On April 22, a man night fishing along the Loyalhanna creek in Derry Township, watched a 9 feet tall, hair covered man-like creature walk off behind some rocks. The creature was described as broad shouldered, and covered with dark brown, dirty, matted hair. In May, in Cambria County, several men at a cookout using flashlights, chased a tall hair covered creature into the woods. Other possible Bigfoot activity was reported from various locations including Indiana, Mckean and Clearfield Counties.

I also received information concerning possible Bigfoot activity from various locations in Westmoreland County. Residents along the Chestnut Ridge reported finding odd large footprints, and hearing strange screaming sounds that were scaring the local pets. Late on the afternoon of November 4th, in rural Derry Township, a resident went outside to the rear of his house to complete a chore. The fellow turned and was startled to see a strange creature about 45 feet away near a tree line.

The witness described a tall hairy man-like creature covered with brownish grayish hair, and long arms which extended below it’s knees. The creature which was in a stooped position, took very long steps as it walked off into the woods. A series of unusual footprints were located in the area and photographed. One detailed track was 13 inches long and 7 inches wide. An investigator from the Pennsylvania Research Organization (PRO), joined me at the scene, to search for additional evidence,and interview family members.


Other Strange Creature Sightings

There were more reports this year of mountain lions, and a black panther in the state. Officially, the mountain lion or cougar has been extinct in the east for many years. Reported sightings of these animals continue yearly, and some of the reports which I have investigated over the years are very detailed, and don’t appear to be misidentifications of other animals. A cast which I took of a paw print in 1984 in Armstrong County, appears to show the typical characteristics of a mountain lion. (See the cast at my web site: I interviewed a man who observed a mountain lion on the afternoon of July 1st, in a rural location, just a few miles east of Greensburg.

There have been reports for many years of sightings of giant birds with enormous wingspans which have become known as Thunderbirds, and observed mainly in the Black Forest region of the state. There have been sporadic sightings of the winged giants in other sections of the Keystone state, and other states as well. I recently interviewed a witness who in the early Fall of 2007, had a close encounter with a giant bird outside of Clendenin, West Virginia. The man came upon the creature while it was eating road kill on a rural two lane highway.

The witness said the bird stood about 4 feet tall, it’s head was over the roof line of his car. It’s eyes were very dark, and it was covered with very dark feathers. The wingspan exceeded the length of the two lane highway. The wing tips stirred gravel and dust on both sides of the highway as it prepared to fly off. The witness said that he was in a slight state of shock as he watched the giant bird lift off the ground.

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