Red Ball Of Light

Witness: Nate
Location: Kent, Washington
Date of Sighting: August 28, 2008

A couple of friends and I were sitting outside of a park in Kent, Washington. After sitting for a while, I started spacing out and looking into the sky off in the distance while my other two friends were talking. Let me say that I have never really been a firm believer of aliens and UFOs but what I saw just puzzled me and it’s the only conclusion that I can make of what I saw with my own two eyes. Also, let me say that I was sober at the time. This red ball of light came into the open patch of sky I was looking at and just stood there in a dead stand still for a minute or so and then dropped down to the ground out of sight behind some trees. Because of the distance, I did not know the size of the object.

That is basically all that happened but at the time there wasn’t even words that could describe what I was seeing. I’ve never heard of nor seen anything that could do that and I’m 100% sure of what I saw. I’m not making this up. I ruled out everything from helicopter to planes to reflections of light beams. Whatever I saw is definitely not from Earth and, if it is, the government has some explaining to do. This might not have been the most mind-blowing report but I definitely saw what I saw clearly. Even if UFOs and aliens aren’t real, there is some aircraft that has been top secret. I’m a 100% believer of that. No question.

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