Review: The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy, and Disinformation

The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy, and Disinformation by John Michael GreerThe UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy, and Disinformation

By John Michael Greer
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (March 2009)
Pages: 248 – Price: $16.95

Review by Lee Prosser – review

From the prolific pen of occult writer John Michael Greer comes an exciting, detailed look at all things UFO. For the writer new to Greer’s writing style, this is an excellent introduction to a gifted writer. Greer lives with his wife Sara in southern Oregon.

What is most appealing about this well-written book is Greer has put together a hands-on, fact-filled approach to the subject of UFOs. There are three parts to the book.

Part One contains four chapters, which are about how the phenomenon of UFOs are tracked. The first chapter is a historical look at “saucers” from prehistory to 1947. The remaining three chapters cover in detail time periods, such as 1947 – 1966, 1966 -1987, and a fascinating section devoted of Shadows of the Dreamland from 1987 – present.

Part Two covers the possibilities surrounding UFOs. Barriers to understanding and unexamined hypotheses are also discussed.

Part Three is the author’s approaches to solving the mystery of UFOs. These three chapters include: “The Natural History of Apparitions,” “The Last Secret of the Cold War,” and “The End of the Dream.”

For a different, informative look at UFOs by an author who lives in an area where such things fly about, this is a wonderful reading journey, full of creative twists and turns. Highly recommended for any person wishing to understand and learn about what a UFO is, and most importantly, why a UFO is. There is much to learn in this clearly written, entertaining book.

The conclusion is the author’s personal interpretation, and should surprise readers with its creative, imaginative approach!

I would hope that John Michael Greer lives long enough to be abducted by a UFO where he might learn additional insights, such as those found in the UFO writings of ancient India. Besides, he might enjoy the journey!

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