Review: UFO Mysteries: A Reporter Seeks The Truth

UFO Mysteries: A Reporter Seeks The Truth by Curt SutherlyUFO Mysteries: A Reporter Seeks The Truth
By Curt Sutherly

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (2001)
Pages: 228 Price: $12.95

Review by Scott Fowler review

UFO Mysteries is a whirlwind tour of over fifty years of UFO history. Often told from the perspective of one who directly involved in many of the investigations, Curt Sutherly manages to capture the most important UFO case histories in an engaging way.

Cases include the unknown object that crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico and a strange radioactive object that crashed into a lake in New Hampshire. Sutherly details the incidents over Washington D.C. and the infamous Michigan “swamp gas” incident that dogged Dr. J. Allen Hynek the rest of his career.

UFO Mysteries is a good read, especially for someone looking for information on where UFOs came from and where they are heading.

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