Strange Light Encounters and Missing Time

Witness: Leslie Boyce
Location: Glendale and La Crescenta, California
Date of Sighting: 1969, 1987, and 1997

I have had three unexplained encounters. In the first, I was about 9 years old and I lived in Glendale, California at the time. I left the house to go one block to the corner market. There was like a foggy sky, and when I looked up, I saw a light above me. I first thought it was one of those skylights, but it didn’t look right to me. As I walked, it seemed to follow me, not go back and forth. Then I thought perhaps it was a helicopter, but there was no sound. I continued to the market and it was still following me. I got inside and bought what I needed and left. I looked up and it was still there and followed me home. I was scared to death to even look out the window all night. I had no clue what it was, but I did know about UFO’s at the time, but nah… couldn’t be.

The second event was in 1987 if I remember right. I used to blame this one on the ghost in the house, but now I sort of think differently. I had just gotten into bed and my husband was sleeping as always. I had just shut my eyes and when I opened them I found myself in a panic. I was being lifted out of my bed and I could not yell for my husband. I did turn my head and see him lying there snoring. The room was filled with what I can only describe as a green glowing-like light. I tried to scream again and I could not. I was really in a panic and unable to do anything. Now, what makes me realize this was not our ghost is the fact that I do not remember what happened next. I woke several hours later in bed, like nothing had happened. It still haunts me — that feeling and loss of time — when I dream, I always remember things in detail. What happened after that?

The last strange event was in about 1997 in the same house as before. I had moved the bed to the opposite wall so I could see out the window. I had left the window drapes open for the air to come in. Now, many times the full moon would wake me, it would be so bright coming in.

I woke this particular night thinking this was the moon shining in. It was a very bright light. I was not wanting to get up and close the drapes, so I laid there waiting for it to move on. Over 30 minutes had passed and it had not moved at all. I continued to watch this and began to wonder what the heck it was. I listened, no sound, so it wasn’t a helicopter or airplane. This thing did not move. An hour had passed now and still it was there. I was getting rather scared now. It really didn’t feel right to me. Now I need to go to the bathroom. I tossed and turned trying to ignore this light and it’s just not leaving… and I really need to go to the bathroom. So finally I got up and ran to the bathroom, which has a window facing the same area. I came out and looked right away to see if it had gone or moved. It was gone! I looked around outside and looked where it had been and there was this strange emission — like gas left in the air. It was very colorful and in a ring formation in the exact spot I saw this light. There still had been no sound, nothing. What the heck was that?

I do have my suspicions, but of course who the heck is gonna believe me?

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