Strange Lights Over Cripple Creek, Colorado

Witness: Dré Fordham
Location: Cripple Creek, Colorado
Date of Sighting: November 15, 2013

In November of 2013, I attended a ghost-hunting event at the Hotel St. Nicholas in Cripple Creek Colorado.

On the night of the 15th, I was having dinner with friends at Maggie’s Restaurant on 3rd Street. After being seated, I realized I had left my phone in the car so I walked back to the parking lot across the street.

As I was headed back to the restaurant, I stopped in the middle of the street because I felt a tickle in my stomach. This was a familiar tickle that I have felt when listening to low frequencies. Because I was not hearing anything detectable, it made me stop to wonder. As I stood there, I looked up the street and into the sky.

I could see many lights surrounding, what I at first thought was a huge craft. You would think that during a moment like this, someone might get really excited. But I not only felt calm, but also numb, more in a dreamy trance.

While I watched, facing north up 3rd street, it moved slowly and silently across the sky from east to west. Then the lights broke up and I saw that it was not one huge craft, but many, individually moving, lights. Some went out and others stayed visible.

What I’ll try to explain is how convinced I was that it had been one craft. The lights, when in formation, were so perfect that it seemed solid. I know there are flight formations, I’ve seen many, but there was perfection to this that I have not seen.

Once the lights broke formation, they seemed more chaotic. They now flew at different speeds and levels.

It came to my mind that I should take pictures. I felt like I had to fight toward this thought and action, but I wanted photos before they were gone. I was able to take two photos with my iPhone. Again, I really felt like it took some effort to have the presence of mind to document what I was seeing.

Lights over Cripple Creek by Dré Fordham
Lights over Cripple Creek by Dré Fordham – Image 1
Lights over Cripple Creek by Dré Fordham - Image 2
Lights over Cripple Creek by Dré Fordham – Image 2

Now having the two photos, all the lights went out with a blink. Heading back into the restaurant, I had the full intention to show my friends immediately. But as I walked inside, before I even got back to the table, I had completely forgotten what I had just seen and felt.

These friends of mine are my dearest friends, one being my husband. Of course I would tell them about this, but for some reason I had no more thoughts about the UFOs outside. And I did not think about it until after I had gotten back home and was going through my pictures.

Though I cannot explain my behavior, I think it is an important part of whatever was out there and directly related to its arrival.

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