Triangle Over Arizona

Witness: Brandon
Location: Mohave Valley, Arizona
Date of Sighting: Summer 2004

On my way home one night with my then-girlfriend, we just passed Boundry Cone Road on Highway 95 near Oatman. A few cars in front of us were slowing down, and I think I pulled over, and the next thing I saw was a large round amber colored light above us, and a few more lights followed making seven round lights forming a triangle. Whatever it was, it was large and it seemed to go with the flow of the cars which kind of made me nervous. It stayed for a minute or so. The lights slowly disappeared in the order they appeared. As I got closer to my home I saw it re-appear as it did before, this time it was above Needles, California, which is right across the river. I later heard about a similar object being seen in Phoenix which is four hours away (now known as the Phoenix lights). I wish I could have gotten it on camera.

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