UFO Crash Landing In Delaware

Witness: Tim Heckman
Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Date of Sighting: October 16, 2007

I’ve been investigating this claim of a 16 inch metal object that fell from the sky near Wilmington, Delaware. At about 4 p.m. Monday October 16, 2007, a hook-shaped brownish metal object came falling from the sky. It slammed into a woman’s SUVs roof. She was not in the car at the time, it was parked. One witness described it like a bomb went off, that’s how loud it was. When the woman returned to her car she saw the object sitting on her back floor of the SUV still smoldering. It was very hot, ash and debris were all over the drivers seat, and there was a huge hole in the roof. She called the police. When the Delaware State Police arrived, the object was still too hot to handle.

Later the object was turned over to the FAA out of Philadelphia. They said they are confident that this object did not come from an airplane. New Castle Airport from Delaware and Philadelphia International said they know of nothing that came from any air plane. No reports were filed of any plane missing something during flight that Monday. A Dover Air Force spokesman said it didn’t come from a military plane.

I only came up with two theories. It came from something that Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, which is owned by NASA, sent up that day. They’ve been sending up rockets, satellites, and God only knows what else from that facility. The other thing is it came from space. It’s space junk. This is maybe why it was hot and there was ash on the floor of the SUV. As it came from outer space and entered our atmosphere it didn’t burn up like most asteroids or other objects.

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