UFO Seen In Gettysburg

Witness: Tim Heckman of Coal Region Ghost Hunters
Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: January, 2006

Before there where ghosts at Gettysburg there were UFO sightings at Gettysburg, and still are to this day. There are lights in the sky that can’t be explained. For years now people living in and around the town have been seeing UFOs, but not too many people seem to care due to all the ghost hunting that is going on. People go to Gettysburg to see ghosts, not UFOs. How many UFO stories could have been reported if people would just look up, rather than keeping there eyes straight ahead on the battlefield looking for ghosts?

I was with a few of my friends one night back in January of 2006. It was Saturday night and the reason we were there was the temperature that day was in the 40s. That’s warm for a day in the Winter in Pennsylvania. I thought this would be a great day for ghost hunting at the military park, because not too many people go to Gettysburg in the Winter months. There wasn’t any cars parked at Devil’s Den with us that night. As we were standing at the parking lot of Devil’s Den, we saw three red circular objects in a straight formation. These were not IR from digital camera’s, nor was it flash from a camera either. Nor were they some kind of flares. These objects or whatever they were, came from the west and travelled across the sky over Devil’s Den and went east right over Little Round Top and vanished. There was no sound with the objects.

I said to the people that were with us, “Did you see that? What in the world was that?” I know we saw something that was paranormal that night. What it was, I don’t know. I’ve been back to Gettysburg about fifty times since, and never encountered anything like I did that night back in January of 2006.

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